La Hostelería Vallisoletana celebró del 30 de mayo al 4 de junio el XIX Concurso Porvincial de Pinchos de Valladolid en el que una creación de Maryobeli, Axiomático Proverbial, resultó ganadora del premio Pincho Maridaje Mahou – San Miguel, aunque este establecimiento ya ha obtenido diversos premios con sus tapas a lo largo de las […]

Raabta 2017 Full Movie

Raabta 2017 Raabta 2017 Full Movie

RaabtaSaira woman who died and was reborn. In 2017 Saira fell in love with a guy named Shiv and formed a special bond with each other, they realize that their relationship is a simulation of several hundred years ago in his previous life. One day, Saira passes in reincarnation former loverpast lives and determined to rebuild the Saira.

Language: Hindi

Classification: N.

Public release date: 9. June, 2017

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Mystery

rhedegAmser: No

Distributor: TGV Pictures

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon, Jim RBH, Varun Sharma

Director: Vijan Lahorie

Format: 2D

Raabta 2017

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IExplorer 3.2 Free Download

IExplorer 3.2 IExplorer 3.2 Free Download


IExplorer (formerly iPhone Explorer) is a program that is free to use your iPhone allows you or iPad as a flash drive and view stored files and folders.

Thank IExplorer can change the file folder to iPhone directly from komputerUntuk view photos and videos, access to books for contacts and files to be checked before transferring.

If you have a hard time adjusting to iTunes and how to manage folders iExplorerShte truly useful.


Dunkirk 2017 Watch Movie

Dunkirk 2017 Dunkirk 2017 Watch Movie

In May 1940, Germanic in France, holding allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. The Hero 2017 Watch Full Movie Under the layer of air and ground forces of British and French troops, slowly and methodically moved from the beach with the entire naval vessel repaired and civilians that can be achieved. Dont Scream 2017
The end of this heroic journey, 330,000 French soldiers, Britain, Belgium and the Dutch were evacuated safely.

Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada and France rodeadoseo the army of the German and transferred to the base and edged during the Second World War. EvacuationAllied troops from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada and France, which were cut off and surrounded by the German army and the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, from May 26-4, 1940, during the battle for France, World War II.

DunkirkChristopher Nolan`s take Dunkirk’s rescue historic happenedDuring the Second World War. After the dangers that awaited in the evacuation of allied soldiers and the port of praiaseo Dunkirk, France, after kuwakuzungukwa and the German army in May 1940, using all boats repaired by naval and civilian available, less air and ground coverTroops from Britain and France, more than 300,000 strong, slowly and methodically relocated beach,

English language


Total Release Date: July 20, 2017

Type: Action / Drama / History

Current Time: Not available


Cast: Tom Hardy, Killian Murphy,Mark Rylance, Kenneth Brana, Harry Styles

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Format: P2

Dunkirk 2017

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RapidTyping 5.2 download

RapidTyping 5.2 RapidTyping 5.2 download


In today’s world, computers and devices increasingly accurate and fast typing. With RapidTyping you can easily improve your writing.

RapidTyping includes a series of simple exercises that allow you to start learning to write without having to constantly navigate the keyboard. The program allows you to train specific groups of letters that are next to each other on the keyboard, and also shows you the right finger to use for each oneof them. At the end of the trick, is showing somecolor statistics and information queinclúen performance improvements.

The interface RapidTyping is a bit odd because it contains a background and animations that can be very distracting. Fortunately, you can turn out both the lesson and use on a plain white background.
PuTTY Beta 0

As for the classes, those included in RapidTyping are quite basic, since only include letters of the group and do not contain any realSheets or phrases. At the top you can easily create your own lessons and test textsreal.

With RapidTyping can facilmentemellorar your accuracy and speed while typing.
Free DWG Viewer 7


Interface Language Adding Arabic

Fixed bug with right or left texton keyboard layout Arabic and Hebrew

Fixed error with visual images in the window lesson on some video cards

Removed are the Shift

Updated interface language Chinese

Updated interface language of Bosnia


Cooking Fever Free Download

Cooking Fever Cooking Fever Free Download


Do you like games like Cooking “Saras Koch?” For cooking fever. In this adventure to free salary base and optional micro-transactions, serve customers from the restaurant fast food (hamburgers, pizza, tacos). Content is suitable for all age groups – anyone can play from kids to adults.

Choose purpose kitchen

In Cooking Fever should be “Live” waves of customers who apply every kindof fast food: hamburgers, soda, hot as an important step to prepare wafanyakaziLazimaat every meal and every order. For example, in order to best burger you cook bread on a plate and put the meat in the pan, remove it when you’re done (assuming a burned and will have to throw!) And place in pan.

Micro speed and skills that are essential for success, especially in cooking while spending ecomezar fever overwhelmed the training of many customers for a while mmojakuwa. And take customers leave without paying. Be quick and they were so happy that they stirred.

until nowlooks Fever game to your normal kitchen cooking. What’s special about it? two elements: the establishment and management development. MyCam 1.1 free download

End of round or level Cooking Fever, you can invest your money in the best kitchen utensils. Improve your pan and the will carnefacerse ago. Tuppers Buy more and you can store food zaidina help his condition. Choose what you want to improve, to break the curse of one of these types of games: linear development.

When you leave a few rounds, the game will allow you toget money in improving the appearance of your restaurant investieren.Diese part is strategic, as it seems: to entertain their customers with more quality TV and they stay longer. Here also helps that it’s part of the game sentirsecomo Cooking Fever controlled directly, and not the opposite!


Cooking Fever is not 100% free play, ladies and gentlemen. name has small voluntary activities that improve helfenIhr team moving forward quickly and with greater security. You can complete Fever cook withoutpay, but often have to repeat the level enough money to improve your team. You need a lot of patience.
Facebook Chat Notification 2 Free Download

Cooking Fever has great control, which I loved more stress. There is nothing I hate zaidikama these games, which lost me time, because the title does not recognize that I send work without Direction customers, for example.

On the aesthetic level, fever cooking is good and beautiful, even without paint on older devices strained effect slowly. Each interactive elementdesigned, it is easy to identify Cando is amid a flurry of kitchen, which is more important.


Cooking Fever was shocked us schön.Wir expect another cooking game and ranking kupatainatambua be stagnating Ghana and the need for any kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games in Cooking Fever are in control of your strategy and how you want to develop.
Facebook Chat Notification 2 Free Download Never thought in a strategy game Cooking speak, read peroseguro expect this proposal.


Return of Xander Cage 2017 full movie

Return of Xander Cage 2017 Return of Xander Cage 2017 full movie



full of the name of the.

Format: Matroska

Format version: Version Version 4/2

File size: 842 MB

Duration: 1 46 min

Overall bit rate: 1 103 kb / s

Encoded Date: 07/05/2017 02:31:31 UTC

I am writing an application: mkvmerge ( ‘mind your Maid’) 64bit

I have written in the library, libebml libmatroska +

I see

ID: 1

Format: Hevca

Format / Info: High Efficiency Video Coding

Format profile: Pages / *

Cod ID: V_MPEGH / ISO / IEC Hevca

Duration: 1 46 min

rateBit: 1 1 kb / s

width:Elements 1 280

height elements 528

A display system :: 1

Frame rate mode, constant;

Frame rate: (24000/1001) yes

colorimetric space, YUV

Chroma Subsampling: 4: 2: 0

Bit depth: 10 bits

Bits / (Pixel * Frame)

The size of stream 765 GB (91%)

Title: Video Hevca x265 10bit / 1000 / ITA 720p / fps / 10 Corporate Profile

To write the library, x265-6 + fd01abfc7898, 10bit

To place CPUID = (1049) 87 / devices-frame = 3/10 = yarn pools / WPP / pmode zero / zeroPME / psnr no / no / logging ssim level = 2 / CSA-input = 1 / -res ink 1280×528 = / = 0 interlace / total kills = (153) 597 / plane, IDC’s high-ranking = 41/1 = / = 0 UHD-B / ref = 3 / and do not allow easy / no repetition, pen / AnnexB / no-and / or -hrd / info / = 0 no / respected zero / GOP, open / min of time – 23 keyis = / = keyis 250 / = 4/2 bframes cosmetics = A / pyramid / bframe weight-0/20 -lookahead R = / = 0 slice, lookahead / scenecut= 40 / -tfl or Refresh / CTU = 64 / min-du-size = 8/18 zero / zero amp / 32-I-max size = / = 1 higher inter / intra-depth do = / = 0 term of art / rdoq level = 0 / dynamic-nd = /, is not ssim / signhide / tskip no / no, reached = 0 / NR, including = 0 / no limit is reached and / smoothing strong- inside / max = merge-2 / limit, references = 3 / no limit as / I = 1/2 introduced = / = Meranges 57 / MVP season / weightp / weightb zero / zero-srcanalysis, pics / Deblock = 0, 0 / Sao / Sao not be Deblock / T = 3 / O morning, skipping / rskip / no fast “go / no fast tskip / no-du-lossless / B zero; inside / rdpenalty = 0 / sEI = ​​il / set, rdoq = / nd is not clean / analysis mode = 0 / non-lossless / cbqpoffs = 0 / crqpoffs = 0 / = Apr / 1001 Bitrate = / = qcomp / qpstep = 4 / = 0, write-city / state, read 2 = / = cplxblur / qblur = / = ipratio / pbratio = / = 1 modd- AQ / AQ power / cutree / zone, count = 0 / nostiffness as previously discussed, zip / size GG-32 / non-reality -grawn / 69 Qpmax = / = 0/0 qpmin Battery / overscan = 0 / videoformat = 5 / range = = 0/2 Colorpro / transfer = 2/2 colormatrix = / = 0 chromaloc / display CLL -fenestra max = = 0/0, 0 / Luma = 0, min / max = 1023, Luma / max = log2 LSB-8-POC / 8-lion-Info / Hardcover-8-Info / shell = 1 / opt OP, describe TP / gb is a partial list opt ​​/ no-go mainstream cooptassint EPS / prejudice, scenecut = / ou do not opt-Greek-op / AQ and does not move/ I HDR / cooptassint VPC zero / zero dhdr10 cooptassint / refining level = 5 / no limit Sao

Default: Yes


I hear

Id = 2

Format: AAC

Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec

Format profile: The AAC / LC


Duration: 1 46 min

Bit rate: kb / s

Channel (s): 2 channels

A channel had also

Sampling rate: kHz / kHz

Frame rate: FPS (SPF 1024)

Bitrate mode, lossy

MS 40 days to see

Size of the stream, MB (7%)

Title: The AAC / / 48kHz / 82kbps

Language: English

Default: Not


Topic # 1

ID: 3

Format: PGS

Muxing mode, zlib


The cod / Info: BDS device it is used in the form / HD-DVD

Length: 45 min 40 s

Bit rate: 135 B / S

Many of the self-component: 28

Size of the stream, MIB (0%)

Language: English

Default: Not


# 2 topic

ID: 4

Format: PGS

Muxing mode, zlib


The cod / Information: ffurfioBDS it is used in the device / HD-DVD

Duration: 1 36 min

Bit rate:(9) 615 B / S

The number of self-elements found: 2259

streammagnitudine: Mb (1%)

Language: English

Default: Not


# 3 topic

ID: 5

Format: PGS

Muxing mode, zlib


The cod / Info: BDS device it is used in the form / HD-DVD

Duration: 1 38 min

Bit rate: kb / s

The number of self-elements found: 2791

Size of the stream, MB (1%)

Language: English

Default: Not


Topic # 4

ID: 6

Format: ISO-8


The cod / Info: ISO-8 clearit

Duration: 1 39 min

Bit rate: 114 B / S

Self-numerusex elements: 1099

size of the stream, MB (0%)


Default: Not



00:00, with Chapter 1

In Chapter 2 00:07

00:12, in Chapter 3

00:22 And, Chapter 4

00:27, The head 5

00:38 In Chapter 6

0:46 See Chapter 7

00:52 in Chapter 8

Chapter 9 and 01:02

01:11 into Chapter 10

In Chapter 11 01:18

In Chapter 12 01:28

1, 37, added to Book II Chapter 13

Click on the picture to full Location

clickTo View Screenshot

Click To View Screenshot

Click To View Screenshot

Return of Xander Cage 2017

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Their Finest 2016 Full Movie Online

Their Finest 2016 Their Finest 2016 Full Movie Online

In 1940, a married woman (Gemma Arterton) and screenwriter (Sam Klaflin) develop the growing attractiveness of working together in a propaganda film about the transfer of Allied forces from Dunkirk, France.


The Originals season 4 episode 2 Full Watch Online com/2017/05/11/their-finest-2016-watch-full-online/”>

Their Finest 2016

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Buena Vista Social Club: Adios 2017 watch movie

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios 2017 Buena Vista Social Club: Adios 2017 watch movie

Again, the other original members of the Buena Vista Social Club and explore their role in the history of uncertainty in Cuba.

Members of the Buena Vista Social Club, to discuss his music and exceptional circumstances that brought them together.

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios 2017

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DeskSoft WindowManager v4 installer free download

DeskSoft WindowManager v4 DeskSoft WindowManager v4 installer free download


Explain :: ::

WindowManager help you improve your workflow by remembering and restoring the position and size of your programs and windows. Many programs do not remember their position and size between sessions and evenWindows Explorer does not restore the windows to their last position under Windows 7 or higher. This is where WindowManager and ensure that window now exactly where you want the time you open it.WindowManager even allowsYou to lock the position and size of windows, so it will be in the same place where you always move. The window manager is fully customizable and you can define custom rules for your favorite window or do you use most often.You also can send keystrokes or mouse clicks WindowManager program when the window is opened, additional programming and other special actions. There WindowManager, you can reduce the window to someLargesystem tray.

Page :: ::